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COVID-19, Updates and Activities in the Network

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We at EQUAL Network are aware of and closely monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic situation in Europe. Europe & the whole globe, our countries, our university systems and networks, our institutions and ourselves are going through very unusual, challenging and difficult times.

SET Project: Student Evaluations of Teaching, Measuring and Enhancing Course Quality and Teaching Quality

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The complexity of Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) makes it a highly debated issue, not only as an instrument to evaluate course quality but also as an instrument in the faculty HR cycle. The VSNU-IAE France-led project looked at the practices especially at the European level.

Project: Entrepreneurship Education in Business Schools – France

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The Entrepreneurship Education in Business Schools: Best practices and recommendations project aims to address the gap between the growing number of entrepreneurship initiatives in Business Schools in Europe and the lack of guidance on how to support this type of education. In addition, it attempts to promote processes of creative research and innovation that must be the base of the future of business education. Among others, the main goal of this project is to provide guidelines for business schools on improving entrepreneurship education.

Project: Management and Leadership Development Needs in Dynamic Societies

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A recent CEEMAN-led project, Management and Leadership Development Needs in Dynamic Societies, which was supported by EQUAL, aimed to enhance the collaborative approach between education and business sector. The research focused on one of Business Schools’ stakeholders: the business sector and its needs in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.