COVID-19, Updates and Activities in the Network

We at EQUAL Network are aware of and closely monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic situation in Europe.

Europe & the whole globe, our countries, our university systems and networks, our institutions and ourselves are going through very unusual, challenging and difficult times.

EQUAL Network brings together associations and communities in Management Education and Research and plays the role of a central and sharing node of those networks. Would you have resources for our communities on how you are coping with this unusual situation, please do not hesitate to share. Many of us are moving from face-to-face to online teaching, from collective work to work-from-home with e-solutions, from conferences and events projects to new solutions for research production and dissemination.

We hope we all can learn from one another and share experiences.

Stay safe and take care,

Jérôme Rive, EQUAL Chair & Andrzej Popadiuk, EQUAL Vice-Chair

List updated on 20 April 2020

EFMD established a temporary space on the EFMD blog, where business schools, L&D providers, organizations or individuals can share their experience, examples of best practice or resources they’d like to circulate within the EFMD community. For activities and events, you can follow this link to see updates on all EFMD activities.  Below are a few upcoming offerings you might be interested in.

GMAC has a dedicated webpage for all updates happening in its activities.  The online interim GMAT™ exam will be launched in mid-April, for more information please refer to this webpage.

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